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...so moving!…I'm quite honestly blown away at the emotion in the songs, underlined by the arrangements… very talented and a great songwriter.”

— Stephen Paul Taylor

fantastic arrangements”

— Sarah garvey - 2XM - RTE

New Single: Time to Move Away

C-90 is now out on all of the usual platforms here: https://daveegan.hearnow.com/ The first single, Time to Move Away is out now. Listen on Spotify here: https://t.co/sYiWSGUU4I and watch the video here: https://youtu.be/gr1oXUlsUe8



Dave is a former vocalist and guitarist with divebomb and sometime collaborator with Rob Maguire (Odes), Alan Davis, Peter O'Callaghan (Alphasine and Kaine), Wellfish and others.


About C-90:

"C-90 is a collection of songs whose melodies, chord sequences and, in some cases, arrangements, I recorded onto cassette tapes, mainly C-90s, back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s or, to put it another way, Circa - 1990. This was done either by way of bouncing from one cassette recorder to another or, later, using a four track recorder. On reflection, the original lyrics for these songs were no longer particularly relatable to me and so I rewrote them, resulting in a juxtaposition of today’s lyrics on Circa '90’s music - and an older man’s words superimposed on a young man’s melodies"



Dave Egan

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C-90 Credits

All tracks were recorded and mixed at Undercroft Studios, Dublin except vocals and mixing on Track 1, done at Avondale Studios, Dublin. All music and lyrics by Dave Egan except bass by Rob Maguire on Tracks 8, 9 and 11. Mastered at Undercroft Studios, Dublin. Thanks to Rob Maguire, Alan Davis and my brother Frank for their critique and advice, Kevin Breathnach of Avondale Studios for help and guidance and to Mary for her love and patience. This album is dedicated to my daughter, Chloe.

C-90 Inlay Lyrics

Inlay Lyrics

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